• Powder coating finish gives the unit lasting good looks while withstanding the punishing conditions of your shop.
  • Unit's portability helps eliminate spray booth bottlenecks
  • Independent Cassette adjustment for greater control and accuracy.
  • Made in the USA
Instant on and fast, seamless heating are hallmarks of all Stingray PRO models. The Stingray PRO SRP4000-EC is a versatile curing system that's ideal for spot repair. A main feature in all Stingray PRO models is the unique cassette design, modeled using the latest Computer Aided Design system available. The results are a larger cassette that fully utilizes the immense power of the Irydium short wave element, providing a larger cure area and the maximum heat spread. This units comes complete with a medium-duty 6' tall stand the cassette system can adjust independatly that allows you to put the unit's awesome curing power right where's needed. Fully Digital Smart Controls are standard equipment for this model. Use the SRP4000-EC to cure structural bond adhesive, body filler, glazing putty, 2 pack primers and topcoats.
Watts 4000 (2000 watts per cassette)
Amps 16
Volts 240V
Ship. Wt x lbs.
Cassette 61"
Coverage Area 72" X 96"' @ 24" from panel
Control System Digital Controls & Digital Temperature
Element Type Short Wave, Frosted or Iredium optional.
Note: Iredium elements allows less visible light without compromising heat output. (recommended)





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