New Speed Rack System Line released for 2004

An innovative paint rack system has arrived from Standard Infrared, SIR designed this paint and bumper rack system with the owner and painter needs in mind. The Speed Rack Systems line uses the same interchangeable fixtures that are flexible enough to handle the smallest and largest parts. The SRS system design works seamlessly with our full line of infrared curing systems.

Distance Measurement System Now Available

No more tape measures or rules, now available is our DM-1 distance measuring sensor. This unit fastens on any of our emitter cassettes and plug easily into the control. Used to assure the desired distance from your curing target, as well to assure that the curing unit is not accidentally moved from your original curing set point.

A cure for the Bumper

Standard Infrared lives up to our commitment on delivering another innovative product. Our model MR9000-2 has two extra emitter that can wrap around each side of the bumper. Debuting at the NACE 2003 show in December, this machine definitely had its share of interest. For more info click here to see the MR9000-2

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