• Powder coating finish gives the unit lasting good looks while withstanding the punishing conditions of your shop.
  • Unit's portability helps eliminate spray booth bottlenecks
  • Independent Cassette adjustment for greater control and accuracy while curing and drying.
  • Made in the USA
Instant and fast, seamless heating are hallmarks of all Stingray PRO models. The Stingray PRO SRP4000-AC is a versatile curing system that's ideal for spot repair. A main feature in all Stingray PRO models is the unique cassette design, modeled using the latest Computer Aided Design system available The results are a larger cassette that fully utilizes the immense power of the Irydium short wave element, providing a larger cure area and the maximum heat spread. This units comes complete with a heavy-duty 6' tall stand a fully rotating cassette system that allows you to put the unit's awesome curing power right where's needed. Fully Digital Smart Controls are standard equipment for this model. Use the SRP4000-AC to cure structural bond adhesive, body filler, glazing putty, 2 pack primers and most topcoats.
Watts 4000 (2000 watts per cassette)
Amps 19
Volts 240V
Ship. Wt x lbs.
Cassette 61"
Coverage Area 72" X 96"' @ 24" from panel
Control System Digital Controls & Digital Temperature
Element Type Short Wave, Frosted or Iredium optional.
Note: Iredium elements allows less visible light without compromising heat output. (recommended)





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