• Durable powder coating throughout the unit provides lasting good looks while withstanding the punishing conditions of your shop.
  • Portable Unit eliminates spray booth bottlenecks
  • Independent Cassette adjustment for greater control and accuracy while curing and drying.
  • Made in the USA

This versatile configuration can cure panels or complete a bumper or the whole end of a car. The Mantaray MR9000-II delivers one of the largest curing areas available for portable curing. This system has three 3000 watt infrared emitters that can be set in just about any position on its uniquely designed chassis. Or use the broken arm configuration for wraping around a bumper or the front or back end of a vehiclee. The Mantaray 9000 digital can control each cassette independently. Other features allow the operator to set all of the final adjustments from behind the machine avoiding lengthy setup time. Use the Mantaray MR9000-II on all coatings and adhesives for a fast and safe cure.

Watts 9000(3000 per cassette) or 2 1500 Watt cassettes
Amps 37.5
Volts 240V
Ship. Wt. 270 lbs
Cassette (3) 61" and (2) 32"
Coverage Area 72" X 96"' @ 24" to 30" from panel
Control System Digital Controls
Element Type Quartz Radiant





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